• 2005. Implementation at the industrial complex “Fix”, Thessaloniki.
Developed during the interdisciplinary studio of the I.P.P.S. “Protection, conservation and restoration of architectural monuments”, A.U.Th.

The complex of ex-beer factory "Fix" is the result of a process of continuous extensions and transformations. It is characterized by the unification of buildings developed in different times, which creates difficulties in understanding each one of them. In particular, the lower part of the facades of older buildings, have been extended covered by the floors of recent structures developed in contact with them.

Main target of the conversion has been the development of the complex as a center of enterprises, cultural and entertainment activities. All above, in a way that would promote the historical and evolutionary characteristics of these former industrial buildings and would restore the complex as a total.

The proposal includes the implementation of a new, self-carrying steel framed structure.This element evolves in the interior of the unified complex and forms the large shed over it. This steel structure also develops the new gate of the complex.
This new light element is situated in a distance from the old structures and covered with transparent panels, so it allows the continuity of the old facades that had been strangled by the floors of recent extensions.






  • 2007. Competition of ideas for the design of “Salats” area in Kilkis city, Northern Greece, organized by the city of Kilkis. In team with EFi Sioziou, architect MSc.

  • 2006. Competition of ideas "Transitions: light on the move", supported by Philips.

1st Architectural Biennial Beijing 2004

3 Gardens + 1 Square: proposal for a new public space in Livadi Olympos”

“Exhibition of Architectural Works of Students and Young Architects” in the 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing 2004 (ABB2004). Honorary mention.

Diploma project presented in the Department of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, March 2004.

The project investigates the role of contemporary architecture as a mean of creating contemporary public spaces in traditional environments. In Greece public space, in small cities and even more in villages, lack of certain qualities and design.
The site where the project takes place is the village “Libadi” on the foothill of
mount Olympus (“Olympos”) known as the mount of the Ancient Greek Gods, in northern Greece. Libadi is located at a 1200m above sea level and has about 2800 inhabitants. It is one of the very few villages in Greece, with that population, in such an elevation. As a living settlement in a difficult environment, has chanced a lot regarding the building stock that is no longer characterized as traditional (rather as low quality contemporary constructions).
But on the other hand its old (from 18th century) structure of street network and the low scale of buildings preserve a traditional beauty that comes in balance with the exceptional surrounding environment.
The project re-design largest free public space of the village, where today is located a small recreation area and a park. The site is situated in the lower end of the village and has the best view to any direction: the mount Olympus, to the Peraivia plain etc.

The main idea of the proposal is that of creating a contemporary public space for the people of the village and visitors, which could cover the needs for multifunctional public spaces, recreation, activities and culture. Moreover a special attention was given to the capability of the public space to be functional all time of the year, even in the difficult winter weather. That lead to the idea of semi covered, covered and indoor public spaces that would create an organism of uses, structures and theme areas.

The main architectural gesture can be described as: a main covered route that meets 3 enclosed gardens and a new covered public square.

The three gardens, that where conceived as them
e gardens, are:
- Garden of knowledge (a proposal that redesigns the area around the existing school buildings)

- Garden of the trees (an enclosed garden with a green roof created by the trees)

- Garden with rooms (an enclosed garden divided in rooms with different characteristics,
materials, a labyrinth of different senses).

The new square, is a large (50x50m) covered space combined in a complex
with a large multifunctional building at its one side and a floating cafe-restaurant on the other side. A space for open air exhibitions, markets, concerts etc.

1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art: Public Screen.


Topos on top of the Greek city

Slideshow of ten b/w digital photos from ten different roof terraces of Thessaloniki.

This collection is a brief introduction in the topos on top of the greek city.The heterotopies of the Greek urban roof terraces. These are existing spaces, although most of the times not realized in our everyday life. They have their own typology, values, users and history…

On this layer of the city, due to the extended use of the flat roof terraces, the application of a dense and continuous building system, a kind of new topos, a new terrain on about +25m level is created.

This topos is structurally connected to the the urban organism underneath and its existence is relayed from that of the city.

It is the city’s upper limit, but it is also extremely different from it.



ΑΩ International Online Magazine, issue 12
Scholars' news/ Architecture

ΑΩ International Online Magazine, issue 21Scholars' news/ Architecture

Οπες εντός ασύλου.Σκέψεις πάνω στη χωρική διάσταση του πανεπιστημιακου ασύλου.
Περιοδικό Τεχνογράφημα τ.375 Μάιος 2009.



  • 2009. Pavillion, Athens.*

* Designed for Convartis Construction Company.