1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art: Public Screen.


Topos on top of the Greek city

Slideshow of ten b/w digital photos from ten different roof terraces of Thessaloniki.

This collection is a brief introduction in the topos on top of the greek city.The heterotopies of the Greek urban roof terraces. These are existing spaces, although most of the times not realized in our everyday life. They have their own typology, values, users and history…

On this layer of the city, due to the extended use of the flat roof terraces, the application of a dense and continuous building system, a kind of new topos, a new terrain on about +25m level is created.

This topos is structurally connected to the the urban organism underneath and its existence is relayed from that of the city.

It is the city’s upper limit, but it is also extremely different from it.