• 2005. Implementation at the industrial complex “Fix”, Thessaloniki.
Developed during the interdisciplinary studio of the I.P.P.S. “Protection, conservation and restoration of architectural monuments”, A.U.Th.

The complex of ex-beer factory "Fix" is the result of a process of continuous extensions and transformations. It is characterized by the unification of buildings developed in different times, which creates difficulties in understanding each one of them. In particular, the lower part of the facades of older buildings, have been extended covered by the floors of recent structures developed in contact with them.

Main target of the conversion has been the development of the complex as a center of enterprises, cultural and entertainment activities. All above, in a way that would promote the historical and evolutionary characteristics of these former industrial buildings and would restore the complex as a total.

The proposal includes the implementation of a new, self-carrying steel framed structure.This element evolves in the interior of the unified complex and forms the large shed over it. This steel structure also develops the new gate of the complex.
This new light element is situated in a distance from the old structures and covered with transparent panels, so it allows the continuity of the old facades that had been strangled by the floors of recent extensions.